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The following information is extremely detailed, and most of it will be new to you, because - after all - you are considering employment in a different country, almost certainly doing a new job. If you are serious about a soccer coaching career in the United States, read the following information carefully, then read and re-read it. STA is not right for everyone, but the information here will provide a valuable resource, even if you ultimately choose to follow a different path. What you probably do not yet know, is that there are huge differences between soccer coaching jobs here in the United States. Sending your CV to every company you find online is natural, and we certainly advise you to get as much information as possible to make your career choice, which is why we provide such extensive information here. However, do so with the understanding that your first decision, and specifically the first employment contract that you sign (which may be your first employment contract anywhere) may significantly impact your future career opportunities in the United States. This is why we have a whole section of "Questions You Should Be Asking", to help you with that decision. If you are serious about coaching in the United States, then don't just accept the first offer you get; and don't allow yourself to be pushed into a false deadline before considering all your options. Make the right move and the best decision for you

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